Using multiple consoles in an installation

A single installation always has a single audit management database. In most cases, however, you use more than one console to request data from the audit management database. The two most important consoles in an installation are the Audit Manager console and the Audit Analyzer console.

  • As the audit installation owner, you use the Audit Manager console to configure and manage the auditing components in your installation. In most organizations, there is only one Audit Manager console installed.
  • Auditors use the Audit Analyzer console to search, retrieve, and play back sessions. The auditor can use predefined queries to find sessions or define new queries. Auditors can also choose whether to share their queries with other auditors or keep them private. In most organizations, there are multiple Audit Analyzer consoles installed.

In addition to the Audit Manager and Audit Analyzer consoles, you can use the Agent Control Panel and the Collector Control Panel to configure and manage agents and collectors.

The following figure shows the architecture of a medium-size installation.