Downloading and installing SQL Server manually

You can use an existing instance of Microsoft SQL Server or install a new instance. You can install Microsoft SQL Server directly from the Centrify ISO or ZIP, or download it from the Microsoft web site. In selecting a version of SQL Server to download, you should be sure it includes Advanced Services. Advanced Services are required to support querying using SQL Server full-text search.

After downloading an appropriate software package, run the setup program using your Active Directory domain account and follow the instructions displayed to complete the installation of the Microsoft SQL Server instance.

When selecting the components to install in the setup program, expand the Database Services and select Full Text Search as a feature to be installed. For the authentication mode, select Windows authentication if all connections between auditing components will be in the same forest. If any communication will be outside of the forest, use Mixed Mode authentication and select the option to add the current user to the SQL Server Administrator role.

Note:   Centrify does not recommend running SQL Server under a high privilege account such as a LocalSystem account.