Using other programs to install the UNIX agent

Auditing-related files are bundled with the core Centrify Agent files into a platform-specific software package. You must install the Centrify Agent on the audited computer before you enable the auditing service.

To install auditing using a native installation mechanism:

  1. Log on as a user with root privileges.
  2. If you want to install from a CD and the drive is not mounted automatically, use the OS-specific command to mount the cdrom device.
  3. Copy the appropriate package to a local directory.

    For Solaris 10:

    cp /cdrom/cdrom0/Unix/centrifyda-n.n.n-sol10-sparc-local.tgz .

    For Red Hat Enterprise Linux:

    cp /mnt/cdrom/Unix/centrifyda-n.n.n-rhel5-x86_64.rpm .

    For SuSE Linux:

    cp /mnt/cdrom/Unix/centrifyda-n.n.n-suse11-x86_64.rpm .
  4. If the software package is a compressed file, unzip and extract the contents. For example, on Solaris:

    gunzip -d centrifyda-n.n.n-sol10-local.tgz
    tar -xf centrifyda-n.n.n-sol10-sparc-local.tar
  5. Run the installation command appropriate to the operating environment.

    For Red Hat Linux, you can use:

    rpm –ivh centrifyda-n.n.n-rhel5-x86_64.rpm

    For SuSE Linux, you can use:

    rpm –ivh centrifyda-n.n.n-suse11-x86_64.rpm

    For Solaris, you can use:

    pkgadd –d CentrifyDA -a admin

    Note:   You can also use other programs, such as SMIT or YAST, to install the agent package.

  6. If you are using an installation with a name other than DefaultInstallation, you need to configure it with dacontrol or using group policy.

    If there is an installation with the name DefaultInstallation the UNIX agent uses it by default. For more information about specifying the installation, see Configuring the installation for an agent.

  7. After installing the package, use dainfo to verify that auditing is installed and running. You should see output similar to the following:
    Pinging adclient:   adclient is available
    Daemon status:      Online
    Current collector:
    Session offline store size:     0.00 Bytes
    Session despool rate:           0.00 Bytes/second
    Audit trail offline store size: 0.00 Bytes
    Audit trail despool rate:       0.00 Bytes/second
    Getting offline database information:
       Size on disk: 52.00 KB
       Database filesystem use: 3.06 GB used, 
         15.52 GB total, 12.45 GB free
    DirectAudit NSS module: Active
    User (root) audited status: Yes
    DirectAudit is not configured for per-command auditing.