Installing an Centrify Agent for *NIX

You can install the auditing services for Linux or UNIX computers interactively the agent installation script, If you want to run the installation script silently or use a native package manager to install UNIX agents, see Installing the UNIX agent on remote computers.

The steps in this section describe how to install interactively using the script, which automatically installs platform‑specific software packages and invokes the proper installation mechanism and options for a computer’s operating system.

To install the agent using the installation script:

  1. Log on as a user with root privileges.
  2. Mount the cdrom device using the appropriate command for the local computer’s operating environment, if necessary.

    Note:   If you are not using the CD, verify the location and go on to the next step.

  3. Change to the appropriate directory.

    For example, to install on an AIX computer from the Centrify CD or ISO file, change to the UNIX directory:

    cd Agent_Unix22
  4. Run the installer and respond to its questions:

    If there is an installation with the name DefaultInstallation, the UNIX agent uses it by default. If you are using an installation with a name other than DefaultInstallation, you must identify the installation by using dacontrol or group policy after installing the agent. For more information, see Checking the status of the UNIX agent.

  5. After installing the package, use dainfo to verify that the agent is installed and running. You should see output similar to the following that indicates the agent is Online:
    Pinging adclient:  adclient is available
    Daemon status:     Online
    Current installation: 'PistolasSF' (configured locally)
    Current collector: ...

    If the output of dainfo indicates that the agent is Offline or that auditing is not enabled, verify your network connections and try restarting the auditing service or run the command to enable auditing manually as described in Enabling or disabling auditing on Linux and UNIX computers.

You must adjust the disk space requirements higher if you allocate a large amount of offline storage to use when none of the collectors servicing the audit store can be reached. This and other parameters are in a text file named centrifyda.conf in /etc/centrifyda on each audited computer that has the UNIX agent installed. For more information about setting configuration parameters, see Configuring the UNIX agent off-line database. For information about all of the configuration parameters available to customize auditing, see the Configuration and Tuning Reference Guide.