User activity report

The default User Activity Report provides a detailed record of user actions for all audited users. The report includes the user name, the computer where the activity occurred, the time at which the activity occurred, and the event recorded. For example, if a user opened a Windows application or ran a UNIX command, the event would be recorded and included in the report you generate.

You should note that the User Activity Report does not include all desktop changes, such as navigation through directories using Windows Explorer. Instead, the report provides information about specific events. For example, the report will include information about when an application is opened, operations are performed, and when the application is closed. For more detailed information about user activity, you can enable video capture auditing for the installation and for specific desktops, applications, or commands using roles in Access Manager.

You can customize and filter the information included in a User Activity Report by specifying the query criteria and saving the report definition.