Installing the Centrify Agent for Windows

You must install an agent on every Windows computer that you want audit. You can install the agent in the following ways:

  • Interactively, by running the Centrify setup program on each computer.

    When the installation finishes, the agent configuration wizard launches automatically. You can configure the agent right away, or exit the configuration wizard and configure the agent later. See Installing interactively using the setup program for details.

  • Silently, by executing appropriate commands in a terminal window on each computer.

    You can installation silently on a local computer or use a software distribution product, such as Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), to execute the appropriate commands remotely to deploy agents on remote computers. After installation, you can change the default agent settings, if needed. See Installing silently by using the Microsoft Windows Installer for details.

  • Silently and centrally, by using a group policy to execute commands remotely on the computers in a domain or organizational unit.

    If you use the Centrify Group Policy Deployment files, you can both install and configure the registry on remote computers from a central location without a separate software distribution product. However, you must configure the Windows agent registry settings in a file before deploying. See Installing from a central location by using group policy for details.

Regardless of the deployment method you choose, you should first make sure that the computers where you plan to deploy meet all of the installation prerequisites.