Sizing recommendations for audit installations

A typical deployment of Centrify Audit & Monitoring Serviceconsists of a number of components such as one or more audited Systems (UNIX/Linux or Windows), one or more collectors, audit management server, management database, one or more audit store databases and consoles (the Audit Manager and the Audit Analyzer consoles) which all communicate with each other. Given the complexity of this communication and number of components involved, good planning is important for a successful deployment of the product. When planning a deployment, some of the most common questions that we asked are below:

  • Will just one installation of Centrify Audit & Monitoring Service suffice? Or are multiple installations needed or recommended?
  • How many audit stores need to be provisioned in each of the installations and how should their scope be configured?
  • How many collectors will be needed and what kind of hardware is recommended for each  of them?
  • What is the recommended version/edition of SQL Server and what kind of hardware is recommended to host this SQL Server?

You must take into consideration a number of factors when deciding how to plan and configure the audit and monitoring servicedeployment and what kind of hardware will be needed to deploy the  key components. This section will help you understand these factors in detail and come up with answers to such questions.