Displaying usage information and man pages

To display a summary of usage information for any command-line program, type the command and the --help or -h option. For example, to see usage information for the adleave command, type:

adleave --help

The usage information includes a list of options and arguments, and a brief description of each option. For example, if you specify adleave -h on the command line, the command displays the command-line syntax and a list of the valid options you can use when you execute adleave commands, similar to the following:

usage: adleave [options]
  -u, --user user[@domain] user name, default is administrator
  -p, --password pw        user password, prompts if absent
  -s, --server ds          domain server for leave operations
  -Z, --zoneserver ds      domain server for zone operations
                           useful if zone is in another domain
  -C, --noconf             do not restore PAM or NSS config
  -G, --nogp               do not restore Group Policy
  -f, --force              force local leave, no network activity
  -v, --version            print version information
  -h, --help               print this help information and exit

For more complete information about any command, you can review the information in the command’s manual (man) page. For example, to see the manual page for the adleave command, type:

man adleave