After joining a domain

By default, computers function exactly the same after joining the domain as they did before joining the domain. Local users can continue to log on and existing programs and applications can continue to work as they did before joining the domain. The primary difference after joining the domain is that you have more complete control over access to the computer and what Active Directory users who are granted access can do. You will also have more tools at your disposal for managing computer properties and operations. For example, after joining a domain, you can use any combination of the following tools:

  • Access Manager
  • Access Module for Windows PowerShell
  • ADEdit command line programs and scripts
  • Active Directory Users and Computers
  • Group Policy Management console and Centrify group policies

You can use any of these tools to add Active Directory users to the appropriate zones, and to define and assign appropriate rights and roles for the users who need access to Linux and UNIX computers.