Changing the zone for a managed computer

When you join a domain, you must join a specific zone unless you are using workstation mode and connecting through Auto Zone. Over time, you might want to migrate managed computer accounts from one zone to another. You can change the zone information for a computer at any time, if needed. You can change the zone for a computer by selecting a new parent or child zone in the computer properties or by cutting and pasting the computer object from one zone to another in Access Manager.

After you change the zone for a managed computer, you must restart the Centrify Agent for *NIX on that computer for the change to take effect. You are not required to run adleave or adjoin to complete the change. For example, after you have changed the zone for a computer log on to that computer and run the following command:

/etc/init.d/centrifydc restart

Alternatively, you can restart the managed computer to restart all services, including the Centrify Agent for *NIX. In most cases, however, restarting the agent is sufficient.

Note:   If the computer has role assignments defined, you might be prevented from moving the computer until you remove the role assignments.