Using computer roles

Deciding how best to use computer roles requires some planning and configuration that might not be part of your initial deployment plan. To make effective use of computer roles, you must also prepare appropriate role definitions for different sets of users. However, computer roles provide a powerful and flexible option for managing access to computers using your existing processes and procedures for managing Active Directory group membership.

After you create a computer role, it is easy to manage even as your organization changes and grows. For example, if another Oracle database server comes online, you add it to the computer group you created for Oracle database servers in Active Directory. If other DBAs join your organization, you add them to the Active Directory group you created for Oracle administrators. The computer role links the computer group to the role assignment and no additional updates are needed to accommodate these kinds of organizational changes. If you need to modify the access rights, you can change the role definition and have the changes apply to all members of the group.