Why auditing user activity is important

Just as it is important to protect assets and resources from unauthorized access, it is equally important to track what the users who have permission to access those resources have done. For the users who have privileged access to computers and applications with sensitive information, auditing helps ensure accountability and improve regulatory compliance. With the audit and monitoring service, you can capture detailed information about user activity and all of the events that occurred while a user was logged on to an audited computer.

If you choose to enable auditing on Linux or UNIX computers, the Centrify Agent on that computer starts recording user activity as soon as a user logs on. The agent continues recording until the user logs out or the computer is locked because of inactivity. The user activity captured includes an audit trail of the actions a user has taken and a keystroke record of the text that was entered (stdin) and the results that were displayed (stdout and stderr). The information recorded while a user is logged on—which is called a session—is collected as it happens, so you can monitor computers for suspicious activity or troubleshoot problems immediately after they occur.