Consolidating user account information

Centrify enables you to consolidate all of your user and group account information in a single repository. By consolidating user account information, you can improve IT efficiency and overall operational security. For example, you can automate the provisioning of new accounts and the elimination of accounts that are no longer used without changes to your existing infrastructure or processes.

A single repository also enables you to establish consistent password policies for all of the computers you manage. For example, you can enforce consistent rules for password complexity and minimum length for all users on all computers. A single repository also benefits users, who only have to remember one password, regardless of the computer they use.

By using Centrify zones and override controls, you can migrate your entire user population without modifying any existing account attributes. For example, you can map multiple UNIX profiles with different identity attributes to a single user account, or resolve conflicts if the profiles for different users have the same identity attributes. This flexibility ensures that you can migrate legacy user accounts without changing any existing profile attributes, so that all of the existing directory and file ownership remains unchanged.

Over time, you can then continue to improve organizational security by eliminating legacy identity stores, directories, and databases, including all locally managed /etc/passwd files and local user accounts.