How Centrify can reduce security risks

To reduce the overhead of managing account information and access rights across your organization, Centrify provides the following key features:

Secure authentication and identity management

Centrify enables you to define and manage the identity attributes in user profiles, consolidate and simplify the management of account information, improve the security of authentication and directory services, and enforce consistent password and account policies.

Role-based access rights

Centrify enables you to define and manage access rights and role definitions, restrict which users can do what on specific sets of computers or during specific periods of time, and control and restrict access to administrative privileges.

Delegation of authority

Centrify enables you to delegate administrative activity on a task-by-task basis. By delegating individual tasks to specific users or groups, you can establish a separation of duties at the level of granularity you require.

Auditing of activity

Centrify enables you to collect and store an audit trail of user activity when and where you want it. With the auditing service, you can selectively capture and analyze only audit trail events or all user and computer activity.

These features can be used together or independently, depending on the type of licenses you purchase and the specific requirements of your organization. For example, some licenses for Server Suite might enable identity management, access control, and privilege management. Other licenses might enable auditing of user activity and reporting services.