Manually starting the OpenLDAP service

Typically, the Centrify OpenLDAP proxy service automatically starts when the computer restarts. You have the option to manually start Centrify OpenLDAP proxy service.

The Centrify OpenLDAP proxy service is a modified version of the standard slapd LDAP server process. The Centrify version of the slapd process also uses a customized version of the standard LDAP server configuration file in the following location:


This customized version of the slapd.conf configuration file is created automatically when you join a domain and is configured by default with Access Manager and domain-specific information. You can start or stop the slapd process at any time by using the centrify-ldapproxy script or directly from the command line.

To start the Centrify OpenLDAP proxy service directly from the command line using the default configuration file, you can run the following command:



/usr/share/centrifydc/bin/centrify-ldapproxy start

If you start the slapd process directly from the command line, you can also specify additional command line options just as you would for the standard slapd LDAP server process. For example, you can use the -f command line option to specify a different configuration file to use:

slapd -f /etc/centrifydc/openldap/slapd.conf


/usr/share/centrifydc/bin/centrify-ldapproxy start -f /

For more information about the command line options when starting the LDAP server directly from the command line, see the man page for the slapd process.

Note:   On the computer that is using systemctl, if the slapd process crashes, the systemd process will restart the slapd process.