Collecting account information

Before using the Import from UNIX wizard, you should do the following to prepare:

  • Identify each source of user information and analyze the information to determine your zone requirements.
  • Run appropriate commands—such as getent passwd, getent group, or niscat—to export user and group information and save it in properly-formatted text files.

    Copy the text files to a location that is accessible from the Windows network. If you want to import information directly from NIS maps instead of text files, you should verify that you can access NIS servers and domains from the Windows network.

  • Review the text files entries to remove account entries that don’t need to be mapped to Active Directory accounts.

    You can automatically exclude system accounts with UID or GID values from 0 to 99 during the import process, but you might want to remove other accounts prior to the import. As part of the review process, determine which entries should map to existing Active Directory accounts or which entries require new Active Directory objects.