Using variables when importing UNIX users

When you import UNIX user accounts, you can use a variable in the GECOS field so that Active Directory will automatically populate that information. The variable you can use is as follows:

% {u:xxx}

For example: In your /etc/passwd file, you have the following information for a user:


After you import the user with the UNIX import user wizard, the following user is in the pending import area:

UID: 10061

Login name: ron

Shell: /bin/bash

Home directory: /home/ron

Primary Group: 10061

GECOS: %{u:displayName}

After you map this pending user to a user account in Active Directory, the %{u:displayName} text is converted to the user's display name at runtime by adclient. When you view the user profile in Active Directory or Access Manager, you'll see the %{u:displayName} text in the GECOS field; when you query the user from a UNIX computer using something such as adquery or getpwent, you'll see the actual user display name in the GECOS field.