Exporting authorization information

You can export multiple rights and role definitions to an .xml file that you can then use to import these definitions into another zone. You can also copy and paste or drag and drop individual rights and role definitions between zones.

To export rights and role definitions:

  1. Open Access Manager.
  2. Expand Zones and the individual parent or child zones required to select the zone name from which you want to export authorization information.
  3. Select the Authorization node, right-click, then click Export Roles and Rights.
  4. Select the information you want to export, then click Next.

    For example, select All to export all of the rights and all role definitions. Selecting all or individual role definitions exports all of the rights included in those role definitions.

  5. Click Browse to specify a location and file name for the export file, then click Next.
  6. Review the information to be exported, then click Finish.