Identify the sudoers file on each computer

Most organizations use sudoers configuration files and the sudo program to manage privileges on Linux and UNIX computers. To read the sudoers file on each Linux or UNIX computer, you must have root-level permission. You can define a command right to grant this level of access to other users.

The default location for the sudoers configuration file is /etc/sudoers, and in general, this is the file to import from each computer. However, there are some exceptions:

  • If sudo was compiled with the --sysconfdir option to specify a different location for sudoers file, you need to find the actual location. Run sudo -V to see the sudo configuration options, including the path to the sudoers file.
  • If your environment has an automatic mechanism for distributing a single sudoers file to the entire network, you can use that one file and don’t need to import multiple files.