Logging to the circular in-memory buffer

If the Centrify Agent for *NIX’s adclient process is interrupted or stops unexpectedly, a separate watchdog process (cdcwatch) automatically enables an in-memory circular buffer that writes log messages passed to the logging subsystem to help identify what operation the adclient process was performing when the problem occurred. The in-memory buffer is also mapped to an actual file, so that if there’s a system crash or a core dump, the last messages leading up to the event are saved. Messages from the in-memory circular buffer have the prefix _cbuf, so they can be extracted from a core file using the strings command.

The in-memory circular buffer allows debug-level information to be automatically written to a log file even if debugging is turned off. It can be manually enabled by restarting the adclient process with the -M command line option. The default size of the buffer is 128K, which should be sufficient to log approximately 500 messages. Because enabling the buffer can impact performance, you should not manually enable the circular buffer or modify its size or logging level unless you are instructed to make the changes by Centrify Support.