Resolving a host name or IP address

When the DNS client subsystem receives a DNS requests, it attempts to resolve the host name or IP address by first checking the /etc/hosts file. If the file contains a valid entry to resolve the specified host name or IP address, the DNS client subsystem processes the DNS request.

Entries in /etc/hosts must be in the following format:

IPv4_address hostname alias alias ...


  • IPv4_address must be in the first position
  • hostname is a fully-qualified domain name and must be in the second position.
  • aliases are optional and follow the address and hostname entries.

For example: ginger 

Note:   Service (SRV) record queries cannot be satisfied from the /etc/hosts file.

If resolution by /etc/hosts is unsuccessful, the DNS subsystem attempts to select a DNS server that can be used to resolve the host name or IP address (as described in topic, Selecting a DNS server).