Selecting a DNS server

If unable to resolve a host name or IP address by finding an entry in the /etc/hosts name (as described in Resolving a host name or IP address), the Centrify DNS subsystem attempts to find a DNS server to resolve the host name or IP address, as follows:

  • It checks for a working DNS server that has already been selected (cached in memory and stored in /var/centrify/kset.dns.server), and if available, uses it.
  • If a working DNS server is not already selected, it checks /etc/resolv.conf for configured DNS servers, and if populated, selects the fastest one from the list.

If no working DNS servers are found, the request fails.

At this point, DNS is considered down, and the Centrify DNS subsystem waits for the interval specified by the dns.dead.resweep.interval (default is 60 seconds), before attempting again to find a DNS server.