What the Centrify DNS subsystem provides

Centrify provides a DNS subsystem that bypasses the local DNS resolver to address common issues that occur with many local DNS resolvers. These common issues for local DNS resolvers include:

  • Degraded performance when connecting to a slow DNS server or when attempting to use dead DNS servers.
  • Degraded performance when reacquiring a DNS server that went offline and has come back online.
  • Degraded performance related to DNS timeouts.
  • Platform-related DNS idiosyncrasies, such as MDNS, appending.LOCAL suffixes, and so on.

The Centrify DNS subsystem performs the following functions:

  • Looks up hosts by name.
  • Looks up hosts by IP address.
  • Queries DNS service location records (SRV) to discover the domain controllers that support Active Directory services including KDC, KPASSWD, LDAP and the global catalog.