Diagnostic tools and log files

All Centrify services include diagnostic tools and logging mechanisms to help you trace the source of problems if they occur. These diagnostic tools and log files allow you to periodically check your environment and view information about Centrify operation, your Active Directory connections, and the configuration settings for individual UNIX and Linux computers.

Although logging is not enabled by default for performance reasons, log files provide a detailed record of Centrify Agent (adclient) activity. This information can be used to analyze the behavior of adclient and communication with Active Directory to locate points of failure. However, log files and other diagnostic tools provide an internal view of operation and are primarily intended for Centrify experts and technical staff.

In most cases, you should only enable logging when you need to troubleshoot unexpected behavior, authentication failure, or problems with connecting to Active Directory or when requested to do so by Centrify Support. Other troubleshooting tools, such as command line programs, can be used at any time to collect or display information about your environment.