What to do up after migration

The admigrate utility migrates most zone information automatically. After using the utility, however, you might want to perform the following tasks to complete the migration:

  • Delete unnecessary copies of right and role definitions.

    You should analyze the right and role definitions to see how many of them have been copied into multiple zones. Rights and roles that are defined in the parent zone are available for use in all child zones. By moving role and right definitions to the parent zone you simplify your zone structure making it easier to understand the rights and roles that are available for your organization.

  • Review provisioning rules.

    In many cases, hierarchical zones simplify automated provisioning by enabling you to define a baseline profile in a parent zone and only override specific attributes when necessary. If you are using automated provisioning, you should check whether you are defining the provisioning rules in parent zones or in child zones.

  • Delegate permissions on a zone-by-zone basis.

    Use the Zone Delegation Wizard to delegate administrative tasks and the assign the corresponding permissions to the appropriate users and groups in your new child zones.