Moving joined computers to hierarchical zones

After you have migrated data from classic zones to new hierarchical zones, you can move the computers to the new zones using the adchzone command-line program.

When you use adchzone to change the zone for a computer, the command copies the UNIX profile from the old zone to the new zone, deletes computer profile from the old zone, then stops and restarts adclient to flush the cache and update the zone information. The advantage of this approach over leaving the old zone (adleave) and then joining (adjoin) the new zone is that it is very quick and preserves all the join information without you having to specify join options.

For example, run a command similar to the following to move a computer joined to the classic finance zone to the new child finance zone:

/usr/share/centrifydc/adedit/adchzone \
-z “cn=finance,cn=global,cn=zones,ou=unix,dc=acme,dc=com” 
-u finance-adm

You will be prompted to supply a password for the specified user.

After changing the zone, you can open Access Manager to see the computer in the Computers node of the new zone, or you can run adinfo on the computer to verify the new zone information.