Configuring automated provisioning

The Centrify Zone Provisioning Agent is a separate service that enables automated provisioning and de-provisioning of user and group accounts on a zone-by-zone basis. You can configure the Zone Provisioning Agent to monitor specific Active Directory groups for a zone. If you add or remove Active Directory users or groups in the monitored groups, the Zone Provisioning Agent automatically adds or removes the corresponding user or group profiles in the zone. If you have the Centrify Zone Provisioning Agent installed, you can use the zone properties Provisioning tab to do the following:

  • Enable provisioning for users, groups, or both.
  • Specify the Active Directory group to base provisioning on.
  • Select the method for automatically generating profile attributes for users, groups, or both.

For more detailed information about automated provisioning and using the Zone Provisioning Agent, see the Planning and Deployment Guide. For more information about the attribute fields or the options for generating profile attributes, press F1 to view the context‑sensitive help.