Configuring variables for a zone

Predefined and custom variables enable you to generate user profiles and group profiles using Active Directory properties or properties defined on managed computers.

You can add custom runtime variables, or override the definition for predefined variables, in a zone by modifying the zone properties. Runtime variables are resolved by the agent when a computer joins a zone. The default user profile settings use predefined runtime variables in place of specific values for the GECOS, Home directory, and Shell attributes.

Zone variables and their definitions are inherited down the zone hierarchy, and can be overridden in a child zone or on individual computers. You can also use configuration parameters to control the value for any variables locally on particular computers. If a value is set in the configuration file, it overrides any values that you set for the zone.

Adding custom runtime variable

In most cases, you don’t need to add custom variables to a zone. However, if you have modified the Active Directory schema or want to use custom attributes in user or group profiles, you can add custom variables to the zone to accommodate your changes.

Modifying predefined variable values

In most cases, you don’t need to override predefined variable values for a zone. However, if you have created different zones for different operating systems, you might find it useful to modify predefined variable values for those zones to address different operating system requirements.

Editing or removing variables

After you have added custom variables or modified predefined variable values in a zone, you can later select those variables to edit or remove them.