Analyzing information in Active Directory

One important way you can troubleshoot your environment is by running the Analyze command. The Analyze command enables you to selectively check the integrity of information stored in Active Directory. With the Analyze wizard, you can check for a variety of potential problems, such as empty zones, invalid role assignments, or orphaned role assignments.

Note:   When you run the Analyze command, only the zones that are open are checked.

To check for problems in the Active Directory forest:

  1. Open Access Manager.

    If you are prompted to connect to a forest, specify the forest domain or domain controller to which you want to connect.

  2. Select the root node, right-click, then click Analyze.

  3. Select the types of checks you want to perform, then click Next to generate the report.

    You can select All to perform a complete check of the Active Directory forest. However, some of the analysis options are only applicable for Linux and UNIX computers or UNIX user and group profiles. For more information about any analysis option, see the Access Manager help or the Administrator’s Guide for Linux and UNIX.

  4. Review the result summary, then click Finish.

  5. If the result summary indicates any issues, you can view the details by selecting Analysis Results in the console tree and viewing the information listed in the right pane. For example:

  6. Select individual warnings or errors, right-click, then select Properties for additional information.