Using the agent configuration

The Centrify Agent for Windows provides an agent configuration panel from which you can configure agent settings for the Privileged Access Service, Centrify Privilege Elevation Service, and Centrify Audit & Monitoring Service. If you have the appropriate privileges, you can use the agent configuration panel to select the zone for a computer to join, change the current zone, or remove a computer from a zone.

To use the agent configuration panel to select the zone for a local computer:

  1. Log on to a computer where the Centrify Agent is deployed.
  2. From the Windows Start menu, select Agent Configuration.
  3. Click Centrify Privilege Elevation Service.
  4. Click Settings.
  5. On the General tab, click Change.
  6. Click Browse, type all or part of the zone name, and click Find Now to search for the zone.
  7. Select the new zone in the search results, click OK, then click OK to return General tab.
  8. Click Close to return to the agent configuration panel.

You can also use the agent configuration panel to set logging level, view logs, and get diagnostic information about agent operations. For more information about using the agent configuration panel to configure logging and get diagnostic information, see Troubleshooting and common questions.

If you allow users to join their own computers to a zone, you should notify them of the zone to use and see that they have access to the User's Guide for Windows.