Configuring agent settings for the audit and monitoring service

If you want to reconfigure agent settings for auditing on a Windows computer after initially configuring them during enablement (or if you did not use the agent configuration panel when you enabled the service), you can open the agent configuration panel manually and configure the agent as described in this section.

To configure agent settings for audit and monitoring service:

  1. In the Windows Start menu, click Agent Configuration in the list of applications.

    The agent configuration panel opens, and displays the Centrify services that are currently enabled. You can configure any service listed in the Enabled services section.

  2. Click Centrify Audit & Monitoring Service, and then click Settings.

  3. In the General tab, click Configure.

  4. Select the maximum color quality for recorded sessions, then click Next.

    See Selecting the maximum color quality for recorded sessions for more information on the configuration of this setting.

  5. Specify the offline data location and the maximum percentage of disk that the offline data file should be allowed to occupy, then click Next.

    See Configuring agent settings for offline audit and monitoring service storage for more information on the configuration of this setting.

  6. Select the installation that the agent belongs to, then click Next.

  7. Review your settings, then click Next.

  8. Click Finish.

  9. Click Close in the General tab to save your changes.

For information about using the Troubleshooting tab, see Monitoring collector status locally.

Selecting the maximum color quality for recorded sessions

Because auditing Windows computers captures user activity as video, you can configure the color depth of the sessions to control the size of data that must be transferred over the network and stored in the database. A higher color depth increases the CPU overhead on audited computers but improves resolution when the session is played back. A lower color depth decreases network traffic and database storage requirements, but reduces the resolution of recorded sessions.

The default color quality is low (8-bit).