Summary of audit trail events

Different components log different audit trail events. For example, the auditing and authorization services on a managed Windows computer track successful logon attempts and the use of Window access rights. Access Manager audit trail events record changes to the configuration of zones, such as the delegation of administrative tasks, the assignment of roles, and changes to the user and group profiles in a zone. For your reference, the following sections summarize the audit trail events recorded by Centrify Agents on managed Windows computers.

Additional audit trail events for Access Manager, Audit Analyzer, Audit Manager, and UNIX commands can be recorded in the target you specify for the audit trail. The event message provides detailed information about the operation performed or unsuccessfully attempted, including in most cases the reason the operation was unsuccessfully.

For a complete list of audit trail event identifiers and their corresponding descriptions, see the AuditTrailEvent.xml file provided in the Documentation folder. This file is generated directly from the underlying source code and provides the most up-to-date information about the events on which you can query and report.