Enabling detailed logging for audit and monitoring service consoles

In most cases, troubleshooting audit and monitoring service-related issues requires information about the operation of the agent and the collector or database activity. However, in some cases, it might be necessary to capture detailed information about the operation of Audit Manager or Audit Analyzer.

To capture detailed information for Audit Manager or Audit Analyzer:

  1. Log on to a computer where the Audit Manager or Audit Analyzer console is installed.
  2. In the list of applications on the Windows Start menu, click Agent Configuration to open the agent configuration panel.
  3. Click Centrify Audit & Monitoring Service.
  4. Click Settings.
  5. Click the Troubleshooting tab.
  6. Click Options.
  7. In the Log Settings tab, change the logging level to Trace messages, then click OK.
  8. Note the log folder location or click Browse to specify a different location for the log file, then click OK.
  9. Send an email to Centrify Support with the log file from the location specified in Step 8 as an attachment.
  10. Click Options, change the logging level back to its default setting of Warning messages, then click OK.
  11. Click Close to return to the agent configuration panel.