Configuring auditing options

By default, identity management, privilege management, and audit and monitoring service features are enabled when you install the Centrify Agent for Windows. To configure audit and monitoring service options and specify the audit installation for the agent, you can launch the agent configuration panel from the command prompt.

To open the agent configuration panel to configure auditing features:

  1. Navigate to the Centrify Agent installation directory.

    By default, the agent files are installed in the C:\Program Files\Centrify\Audit\Agent directory.

  2. Run agent.configure.exe.

  3. Click Configure.

  4. Select a color quality, then click Next.

    Because the Server Core operating system uses very few graphical elements, in most cases you should accept the default setting of Low for the color quality. This setting minimizes the storage requirements for auditing if you have enabled video capture auditing.

  5. Accept the default offline data location and maximum size or type a different location, then click Next.

    You can also drag the slider to change the maximum percentage of the drive the offline data can consume. In most cases, however, you should leave the default setting unchanged.

  6. Select the audit installation, then click Next.

  7. Review your configuration settings, then click Next.

  8. Click Finish to close the configuration wizard.

  9. Click Close to exit the agent configuration panel.