Determine how many collectors and audit stores to install

Although you can add collectors and audit stores to your audit and monitoring service installation after the initial deployment, you might want to calculate how many you will need before you begin deploying components. You should always have at least two collectors to provide redundancy. As you increase the number of agents deployed, you should consider adding collectors.

Estimate the number of agents and sessions audited

If you plan to use more than the minimum number of collectors, the most important factor to consider is the number of concurrent sessions you expect to monitor on audited computers. The number of concurrent sessions represents the number of interactive users that the agent is actively capturing for at the same time.

You can use the following guidelines as a starting point and adjust after you have observed how much audit data you are collecting and storing for Windows computers:

Number of concurrent sessions Recommended number of collectors Recommended number of audit stores

up to 100 agents



more than 100 agents

2 for every 100 agents

1 for every 100 agents