Installing Centrify Audit Manager and Centrify Audit Analyzer consoles

You can install Audit Manager and Audit Analyzer on the same computer or on different computers. The computers where you install the consoles must be joined to the Active Directory domain and be able to access the audit management database.

In most cases, the consoles are installed together on at least one computer.

To install Audit Manager and Audit Analyzer on the same computer:

  1. Log on to the computer you have selected for administrative tasks and browse to the location where you have saved downloaded Centrify files.

    If you have a physical CD that you made from the ISO image file, the Getting Started page is displayed automatically. If the page is not displayed, open the autorun.exe file to start the installation of Centrify software.

  2. On the Getting Started page, click Audit & Monitor to start the setup program for audit and monitoring service service components.

    In the rare case where the administrator should not have access to the Audit Analyzer, select Audit Manager, then click Next.

After you install Audit Manager, you are prompted to create a new installation. If you want to create the installation at a later time, you can run the setup program again to create a new installation.