Using CopyGroup and CopyGroupNested

The CopyGroup and CopyGroupNested commands help you provision users when there are trust relationships between domains. You can use them to mirror group membership and group hierarchy from a trusted domain and forest to a target domain and forest.

These utilities are located in the Zone Provisioning Agent’s Tools folder.

To use these command line utilities, you must have an account that can log on to the trusted source domain and the target domain. The account should also have read permission on the source domain and permission to update the target domain.

For example, assume you have configured the AJAX domain to have a one-way trust with the DEVOPS domain and you have your Active Directory users and groups defined in the DEVOPS domain. If you want to allow the users and groups in the DEVOPS domain to log on to computers that are joined to the AJAX domain, you can log on to the AJAX domain controller with an account that has administrative privileges in both the AJAX and DEVOPS domains, then run the CopyGroup utility to mirror the group membership from a group in the DEVOPS source domain as zone users in the AJAX target domain.

For more information about the command line arguments and options for these utilities, see the usage message displayed for each utility.