Create the first audit store

If you selected the Launch Add Audit Store Wizard at the end of the New Installation Wizard, the Add Audit Store Wizard opens automatically. You can also open the wizard at any time by right-clicking the Audit Stores node in the Audit Manager console and choosing Add Audit Store.

To create the first audit store:

  1. Type a display name for the audit store, then click Next.

    Tip:     If your plan specifies multiple audit stores, use the name to reflect the sites or subnets serviced by this audit store. Note that an audit store is actually a record in the management database. It is not a separate process running on any computer. You use a separate wizard to create the databases for an audit store.

  2. Click Add Site or Add Subnet to specify the sites or subnets in this audit store.
    • If you select Add Site, you are prompted to select an Active Directory site.
    • If you select Add Subnet, you are prompted to type the network address and subnet mask.

    After you make a selection or type the address, click OK. You can then add more sites or subnets to the audit store. When you are finished adding sites or subnets, click Next to continue.

    The computer you use to host the audit store database should be no more than one gateway or router away from the computers being audited. If your Active Directory sites are too broad, you can use standard network subnets to limit the scope of the audit store.

  3. Review information about the audit store display name and sites or subnets, then click Next.

  4. Select the Launch Add Audit Store Database Wizard option if you want to create the first audit store database, then click Finish.