Identify identity, privilege management, and auditing goals

As discussed in Managing Windows computers using Centrify software, you have the option of focusing your deployment on identity and privilege management, or on audit and monitoring service, or on a combination of the two. If you plan to install components for identity and privilege management together with audit and monitoring service, you can use roles and role assignments to control which users and groups are audited and under what circumstances auditing takes place. You can also capture detailed information about what happened after a user selected a role with domain administrator privileges or started an application using a service account.

During the planning phase, you should decide on the goals of your deployment—identity and privilege management, audit and monitoring service, or both—because that decision affects all of the other decisions you need to make. If you plan to include audit and monitoring service, you should also start to identify who and what you want to audit, any roles where no auditing should be done, and any roles that will require auditing.