Removing or deleting an installation

Before you can remove or delete an installation, you must do the following:

  • Run the setup program to remove all agents and collectors and collector service connection points (SCPs).
  • Detach and remove all audit store databases.
  • Open the Installation Properties and click the Publications tab to make sure only one installation service connection point (SCP) is listed.

    Note:   To remove service connection points on other sites, contact an administrator with publication permission on those sites.

To remove or delete an installation, select the installation in the Audit Manager console, right-click, then select Remove to open the Remove installation dialog box.

  • Click Remove to remove the installation but not delete the management database from the SQL Server instance.
  • Click Delete to remove the installation and delete the management database from the installation of SQL Server.

Note:   All the publications published to Active Directory are removed when you remove or delete an installation.