Create a new computer role

After you have prepared the appropriate Active Directory groups and role definitions for different sets of users, you can create one or more computer roles.

To create a new computer role:

  1. Open Access Manager.
  2. Expand Zones and the parent zone or child zones until you see the zone that has the computer for which you want to define a computer role.
  3. Expand the Authorization node.
  4. Select Computer Roles, right-click and click Create Computer Role.
  5. Type a name and description for the computer role.

    For example, type OracleServers, and an optional description, such as Oracle database servers in the San Francisco data center.

  6. In Computers group list, select <...> to search for the Active Directory group of computers you created in Create an Active Directory group for a set of computers.

    Select <Create group > if you want to create a new Active Directory group of computers and add members now. If you are creating a new group, click Browse to select a container to use, type a group name, and select the scope of the group, then click OK.

  7. Click OK to save the computer role.

  8. If you selected an existing computer group, expand Computer Roles > Members to see the computers that are members of this computer role.

    If you created a new computer group at Step 6, select the new computer role, right-click Members, then select Add Computer to search for and select one or more computers to add to the group.