Making rights and roles available in other zones

The access rights and role definitions that you create are specific to the zone where you configure them, and to any child zones of that zone. Once configured, though, you can copy and paste or drag and drop the definitions from one zone to another. After you import the information into a new zone, you can modify any of the details you have previously defined. For example, you can choose to export all the rights you have defined in one zone but create a completely new set of role definitions for those rights in the import zone.

Rights, roles, and role assignments are all inherited from parent to child zones, so generally there is no need to import or export roles within a zone hierarchy, but you may want to do so across zones. For example, if you have set up separate parent zones for different lines of business or different functional groups in your organization, you might want to import rights and roles from one business unit or functional group to another.