Set the required permission

Before you configure a collector, you should check whether your user account has sufficient permissions to add new collector accounts to the audit store database. If you are a database administrator or logged on with an account that has system administrator privileges, you should be able to configure the collector without modifying your account permissions. If you have administrative rights on the computer hosting Audit Manager but are not a database administrator, you can set the appropriate permission before continuing.

To set the permission required to add accounts to the audit store database:

  1. Open Audit Manager.
  2. Expand the installation, then expand Audit Stores.
  3. Select the audit store that the collector will connect to, right-click, then click Properties.
  4. Click the Security tab.
  5. Click Add to search for and select the user who will configure the collector.
  6. Select the Manage SQL Logins right, then click OK.