Using RunAsAlternate

The runasalternate command line program enables you to log in to an application using an alternate account.

For example, system administrators typically have several accounts, a user account for general log-ins and an administrative account to access specific systems and services.

The syntax for the runasalternate command is:

runasalternate [/account:accountname] application [argument]  [/h]

You can use the following command line arguments to refine the output for the command:

Use this option To do this
application Run an application using the alternate account set in Privileged Access Service.
argument (optional) Specify an application argument
/account accountname Specify the alternate account owned by this user for which the application is to be run. This can be useful in cases where a user has more than one alternate account.


Display the command help

If you have only one alternate account defined, you don't need to specify the /account option.

For more information about alternate accounts, see Enabling users to run applications with alternate accounts.