Preparing Windows computer accounts

If joining a zone is restricted to privileged users, you may want to prepare a computer account in the zone before joining. By preparing the computer account before joining, users can add their computers to the zone without any special rights or permissions in Active Directory.

To prepare a Windows computer account using Access Manager:

  1. Open Access Manager.

  2. Expand Zones to display the list of zones, then expand the parent and child zone hierarchy until you see the specific zone to which you want to add the computer account.

  3. Right-click, then click Prepare Windows Computer.

  4. Click Find Now to search for and select the computer account to add to the selected zone.

  5. Click OK to add the computer account to the Access Manager console in the zone’s Computers container.

  6. A dialog box displays that asks if you want to skip permission delegation when creating the computer. In most cases, click No.

    If you click Yes, the service does not set the security descriptor for the zone; you'll need to go in and set that attribute yourself. Some organizations prefer to set security descriptors manually. Security descriptors include security information such as the object owner, who has access rights to the object, and so forth.