Running the setup program on a Windows computer

You can install components for all Server Suite from the Server SuiteCD or a downloaded ISO or ZIP file. After you access the distribution media, the setup or autorun program copies the necessary files to the local Windows computer. There are no special permissions required to run the setup or autorun program other than permission to install files on the local computer.

To install Centrify software on Windows:

  1. Log on to the computer you have selected for administrative tasks and browse to the location where you have saved downloaded Centrify files.

    If you have a physical CD, the Getting Started page is displayed automatically. If the page is not displayed, open the autorun.exe file to start the installation of Centrify software.

  2. On the Getting Started page, click Authentication & Privilege to start the setup program for authentication and privilege elevation services.

    Note:   The Authentication & Privilege components are the recommended first components to install so that Access Manager is available for you to use to create zones. At least one zone must be created before you can enable the authentication and privilege elevation services on an agent-managed computer.

    If any programs must be updated before installing, the setup program displays the updates required and allows you to install them. After updates are complete, you can restart the setup program.

  3. At the following screen, select Yes to install Microsoft SQL Server Compact. The Access Manager consule uses the Microsoft SQL Server Compact for storage.

    If you select No, Microsoft SQL Server Compact is not installed and some features of Access Manager are not available.

  4. At the Welcome page, click Next.

  5. Review the terms of the license agreement, click I agree to these terms, then click Next.

  6. Type your name and company name, then click Next.

  7. Expand and select the Centrify Administration and Centrify Utilities components you want to install, then click Next.

    If you are only managing identity and privileges for Windows computers, you can install a subset of the components. For a Windows-only deployment, select the following components:

    • ADUC property page extension if you want to include Centrify profiles when displaying properties in Active Directory Users and Computers.
    • Access Manager console (all) if you want to use an administrative console to manage Centrify zones and roles.
    • Group Policy Management Editor extension if you want to deploy Centrify group policies.

    Installing Centrify Report Services is optional. If you select this option, see Installing and configuring Microsoft SQL Server for auditing for additional details.

    For a Windows-only deployment, you can deselect Centrify Utilities to skip the installation of those components.

  8. Accept the default location for installing components, or click Browse to select a different location, then click Next.

  9. Review the components you have selected, then click Next.

    The setup program begins installing the selected components.

  10. Click Finish to complete installation.

  11. Optionally install additional Server Suite components as follows:

    • Centrify Licensing Service. This service is installed by default when you install the Authentication & Privilege components, and usually does not need to be installed separately. For more information about the licensing service, see the License Management Administrator’s Guide.
    • Audit & Monitor. The Auditing and Monitoring Service is not installed automatically with any other components, and must be installed separately if you intend to use auditing and monitoring features. For installation details, see Installing the Audit Manager and Audit Analyzer consoles.

    • Centrify Agent for Windows. To install the agent on client Windows computers so that those computers can be managed by Server Suite, see Installing the Centrify Agent for Windows.