Using dzflush

The dzflush command line program flushes the authorization cache and reloads all authorization information from Active Directory. Depending on the size of the authorization store, users might experience a temporary loss of the ability to use the rights granted to them while the authorization information is reloaded. To prevent any loss of access privileges, in most cases you should use the dzrefresh command instead of the dzflush command to ensure that the agent is using the latest authorization information. You should only use the dzflush command if Centrify Support recommends you do so.

The syntax for the dzflush command is:

dzflush [/h] [/l] 
Use this option To do this


Show the command usage.


Synchronize local Windows account information between Access Manager and the Windows systems where local account management is enabled.

Note: Local account management is not supported on domain controllers.

You must be logged on as a local administrator to run the dzflush command. The command output indicates whether the authorization cache is successfully flushed.