Using dzleave

To leave a zone, use the dzleave command. The syntax for the dzleave command is:

dzleave [/c <domain controller>] [/u <username>] [/a|/f] [/r [y|n|yes|no]] [/v] [/h]
Use this option To do this


Remove the role assignment from the computer zone.


Specify a domain controller to connect to.


Specify the user name to leave zone using custom credentials. The user name must be in the format: USER@DOMAIN or DOMAIN\USER. The credentials are for remote access only. For the password, you can specify by redirected input. Otherwise, this tool will prompt user for password.


Suppress any warning and/or question(s). In case the domain cannot be contacted, this tool will perform a local zone leave automatically.


Displays the command help.


Specify whether to restart machine, if required, after leaving zone without prompt. If no restart is needed, this option is ignored. If no argument is provided, example: '/r', the default is to restart ('/r yes').


Show the agent version.

Note:   You can also use the PowerShell command Exit-CdmZone to leave a zone.