Can I have separate role assignments for specific computers?

Yes. Centrify-managed computers get their role assignments from three places:

  • Parent and child zone role assignments made in the Authorization node.
  • Role assignments made at the computer level.
  • Role assignments made in the zone’s computer roles.

Generally, you start assigning roles at the child zone and then the computer role levels. However, there are occasions when you need to make the role assignment for a single computer. In this case, you use the computer-level override functionality.

To make a role assignment as a computer-level override

  1. Expand Zones and parent and child zones to find the zone for the computer requiring an override.
  2. Expand Computers to display the computer requiring an override.
  3. Expand the computer name and select Role Assignments.
  4. Right-click Role Assignments under the selected computer, click Assign Role.
  5. Select the role requiring a computer-specific assignment.
  6. Click Add AD Account to search for and select a user or group.