Configuring user mapping by group policy

To illustrate how to configure a Centrify group policy, you will enable the Set user mapping policy. This policy maps a UNIX user, for example root, to an Active Directory user account, for example Amy.Adams. After this policy is set, root attempts to log on must use the mapped Active Directory user’s credentials.

To configure a Centrify group policy

  1. Expand Centrify Settings > DirectControl Settings, scroll down and double-click the Set user mapping policy.
  2. Select Enabled, then click Add.
  3. Type the UNIX user account name (root).
  4. Click Browse to search for and select the Active Directory account to use, then click OK.
  5. Click OK to enable the policy.

Note:   If you enable this policy, the root user in the zone will not be able to log in to the managed computers in the zone.